Welcome to the UPJ Humanities Division Syllabus Archive

Description and Rationale:

The Humanities Division Syllabus Archive was designed to serve students, faculty, scholars, and independent learners.

* New, current, or former UPJ students can use this archive when choosing future courses, access current syllabi for the Humanities courses they're enrolled in, and review syllabi from previous semesters.

* Faculty from UPJ and other academic institutions who are designing new courses can compare syllabi from previous versions of a course, find a selection of anthologies that have been used in the past, and get ideas for assignments and companion-readings to accompany a text that they plan to include in their own courses.

* Scholars from around the world can use this archive to research the varying ways that texts are taught from semester to semester and trace the usage of supplementary and associated course readings and materials across the Division’s course offerings.

* Independent learners from around the world can reference UPJ syllabi for the purposes of self-guided study.

Instructions for Use:

We hope that you will find this archive easy and intuitive to use. The navigation structure is fairly simple. You can search for syllabi in five ways:

Please note that searching by any of the above criteria will take you to a list. Clicking on one link in that list will possibly bring up several syllabi listings. To view a specific syllabus, labelled by Professor, Course Name, and Semester, click on its label and again on the file that appears beneath Course Description and Required Texts. This will open a .pdf copy of that syllabus.


This project was made possible by a President's Mentorship Award in the summer of 2014, which supported the collaboration of Dr. Jeremy C. Justus and Louis Stutz to create the archive. In September 2014, the project received a second President's Mentorship Award, which supported Dr. Justus and Avery Malone as they continued to work on the archive during the Fall 2014 semester.

We wish to acknowledge and thank Janet Grady, Patty Derrick, Michael Stoneham, and Karen Lee for their support and the Humanities Division Faculty for their participation in this project.

Thanks, also, to Moriah Howell who provided the banner image for the archive.

The UPJ Humanities Division Syllabus Archive is currently maintained by Amanda Potts and Dr. Jeremy C. Justus.

Copyright Notice:

The copyright for any of the syllabi or course materials that appear in this archive remains with the original creators of the documents. The Faculty Member(s) associated with each document herein retains all intellectual property rights to their materials. Materials are provided here for educational and/or university-affiliated purposes only.

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Jeremy C. Justus - jej39@pitt.edu / www.jeremyjustus.com

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